Michael T. Motley, Ph.D.


     As an example, suppose Joe Smith gets injured using a product and sues its maker or distributor.  Now suppose the defense claims that they are not liable because if Joe had heeded the product’s warning label and instructions, the accident wouldn’t have happened.  Joe’s attorney claims that the warning and instructions were ambiguous and unclear.  Either side might want an expert opinion on the relative clarity and likely customer interpretation of the warning and instructions.  I can analyze the relevant factors and provide an opinion.  Depending on the case, I can sometimes support the opinion with scientific data.

What I Do as an Expert Witness

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     I work with attorneys who need an expert opinion on the most likely or reasonable interpretations to expect for a particular message.  The message in question might be a warning label, a set of instructions, a disclaimer or liability clause, a contract, or any of several other possibilities. 


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