Expert Witness Qualifications -- Michael T. Motley


Ph.D., Pennsylvania State University, 1970

Professor Emeritus, Department of Communication, University of California at Davis

Recognized as among “Top 1%” of communication scholars, 1970’s, 1980’s, 1990’s

Author of 5 books, scores of research publications, over 100 research papers

Eighteen professional excellence awards for articles and papers



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General Description
Areas of Specialization
My Most Recent Book


Communication messages -- Meaning; ambiguity; likely, unlikely, alternate   

    interpretations; communicative intention; adequacy/inadequacy of messages (product

    warnings, instructions, waivers, consent forms, sexual resistance/consent, sexual

    harassment, packaging, advertising, etc.)

Male/female misunderstandings -- dating behavior, physical intimacy, date rape,

    consent to intimacy, sexual harassment

Opinion often includes social-science research to test interpretations of case target

    message(s) versus hypothesized wordings, etc. Click here for explanation/examples

    of this service.


        Twenty-two expert-witness and consultation cases; 16/6 Plaintiff/Defendant; six depositions; case-attorney-reference list available upon request


To download complete vita/resume, click here:  Resume-Vita

        MY NEW BOOK -- FORENSIC COMMUNICATION:  APPLICATIONS OF COMMUNICATION                                           

        It is only a slight exaggeration to say that I literally “wrote the book on it” when it comes to expert-witness work in communication.  More accurately, I have edited a new book on various applications of communication research to courtroom litigation.  The kind of expert-witness work that I do is presented in the book for the first time anywhere.

For instructions on ordering the book, go to the bottom of my Examples page.

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